Do your remote users and branches have easy access to the mission critical applications your company relies upon, such as email, credit card processing, voice, and database access?  Are you able to support these across the varied connection types of these users in a secure and reliable manner?


Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)  is a cost-effective solution that enables you to consolidate all of your business applications onto a single private network.  MPLS boasts QoS and built-in security capabilities that are designed for availability and to protect your network resources from malicious intruders.

MPLS is a scalable, protocol-independent transport with guaranteed Service Level Agreements. In an MPLS network, data packets are assigned labels and these packets are forwarded based on the contents of this label, without the need to examine the packet itself.


MPLS is an economical way for many companies to maintain a private network as it can be integrated seamlessly over their existing infrastructure, such as IP, Frame Relay, ATM, or Ethernet.  And since MPLS is independent of access technologies, it doesn’t matter how a subscriber or member of your network is connecting to your network, which is great for businesses with multiple branches all on different access platforms.