3 Ways Hosted VoIP is Right for Small and Mid Sized Businesses

December 18, 2015
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Small and Mid Sized business has become BIG business. With the ease of internet retailing, what were once local, statewide, or even national markets have gone global for businesses of all sizes. However, these SMBs might not have the technology to keep up with the bigger industry leaders, but they can. Here, VoIP_News outlines three ways Hosted VoIP is right for your business:

One of the more common reasons to move to cloud-based phone services is to provide current technology without having to assume the implementation and maintenance costs that go along with it. Many SMBs likely don’t have the dedicated personnel and hardware resources to run an on-premises VoIP solution. Turning this functionality over to a cloud vendor to run as an Infrastructure as a Service solution means that there’s no need to configure servers, procure hardware, or perform routine maintenance. Better still, phone service won’t be lost should a piece of equipment in the infrastructure fail because the vendor will have redundancy built in to meet uptime guarantees.
Cost Savings
Cost savings also drive many SMBs to Hosted VoIP because they don’t have to hire employees or consultants with specific skill sets to manage and maintain hardware or software that has to do with communications served through VoIP. Using hosted VoIP means that there are no costs associated with hardware procurement and nothing spent to replace outdated or malfunctioning equipment. The ability to scale VoIP services also saves money, as new users are often less expensive than having to outfit the organization with new equipment when businesses experience rapid growth.
Better Security
At one time, one perceived drawback in moving your voice network to a hosted cloud based solution was the belief that data were less secure in someone else’s hands, but soon, people began to realize that the same reasoning behind the maintenance and implementation factors could be applied to security, as well. Moving VoIP services to a hosted solution allows you to rely on the skills of people who specialize in this type of security. They are better able to lock down your communications, servers, and software to the specific threats that VoIP faces compared with an internal IT department that has little or no experience in this area. As security becomes a focal point among small and med sized businesses, this benefit alone is often enough to drive serious discussions about hosted options. *SOURCE: VoIP_News
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