Your Hardware in a Cloud Environment

As businesses continue to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape, the need for flexible, scalable, and efficient data storage solutions has become paramount. Corporate Technologies Group's co-location services combine the strength of your existing hardware with the power of our state-of-the-art cloud facilities, offering the best of both worlds.
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Co-Location in the Cloud Era

House your equipment in our secure, connected, and advanced cloud data centers

Hybrid Flexibility

Maintain control over your proprietary hardware and combine it with our cloud offerings, ensuring a versatile IT environment that caters to unique business needs.

Enhanced Connectivity

Our data centers are strategically located to guarantee high-speed connectivity, ensuring your operations run smoothly and without interruption.

Optimal Environment

With temperature, humidity, and advanced fire prevention systems, we ensure that your equipment operates under optimal conditions, extending its lifespan.

Fortified Security

Physical security is crucial. We're equipped with surveillance systems, biometric access controls and security personnel, ensuring your assets are always protected.

Hardware Control Blended with Cloud Flexibility

Trust, reliability, and service—our co-location facilities are unmatched.


Advanced Co-location Features

Discover the difference with our Co-location services:

Customizable Space Options

From racks to dedicated cages, choose the space that fits your hardware needs.

Power Redundancy

Our data centers ensure uninterrupted power supply, with backup generators and failover systems in place to tackle any outages.

Network Diversity

Benefit from our diverse network offerings, ensuring constant connectivity, minimized latency, and optimal up-time.

Your Peace of Mind IT Strategy

In the dance of digital transformation, co-location is a step that harmonizes the past with the future. Entrust your hardware to us, tap into the cloud, and watch your business soar.
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