About Us

Who are we?

For the last 20 years, Corporate Technologies Group, has ensured that our clients achieve long-term success by investing the time to understand how they do business and provide them with industry experience and the right solution to fit their needs.

We are an Ohio-based company with national and international reach that employs a motivated team of highly experienced, customer-focused professionals. We have relationships with over 140 IT product and service providers that enable us to offer a complete portfolio of best-in-class solutions for our clients.

Our extensive industry experience combined with a vendor-agnostic approach, and knowledge of your business allows us to develop impacting solutions that allow you to effectively outsource the management of your voice, data, security, premise-based phone systems and cloud-based services.

Businesses choose Corporate Technologies Group because we provide solutions that enable you to focus on what matters most —your business.

Our Approach

  • Discovery - Survey today's IT ecosystem and challenges

    Before we can attempt to make a plan for the future – we need to know what we are working with. During the discovery phase, we work to audit your existing technologies and services, specific business challenges or pain points, and identify your short- and long-term success criteria. An in-depth look at your current ecosystem gives us a good ‘temperature check’ when it comes to identifying outdated or near end-of-life equipment that will stifle future technology plans. We are also able to identify gaps in technology that are causing unnecessary challenges for your IT team and employees. All of the information gathered during this phase is vital to the next step.

  • Identification - Examine best-in class services and solutions

    We can now begin looking at the services and solutions needed to solve the challenges, address deficiencies, and achieve successes identified during discovery. This phase is where our clients tend to lean on us the most. Our extensive knowledge of best-of-breed technologies and vendors allows us to identify the right solution and the right vendor. A clear understanding of a vendor’s solution, interoperability, implementation process, and support options is mandatory for selecting services for our clients. The entire vendor experience plays a vital role in how effective the solution will be within the scope of the project and your business. Even the best technology can become problematic if it doesn’t work with existing equipment or the installation process becomes a nightmare for the customer.

  • Implementation - Deploy solutions

    You can’t do everything at once. When it comes to implementing new technologies, you may choose to deploy new technologies in phases to account for budget restrictions, organizational disruption, or internal resource constraints. In addition to accounting for the actual implementation time from the carrier, you also need to consider the additional time required to train IT employees on new services, applications, hardware, or software. Some services, like CRM integration, require extra time to train employees on how to use the new application integration tools. All of these factors play a significant role in the pace at which your roadmap will be executed. We often see IT transformations fail because organizations try to do too much, too fast – leading to a disastrous implementation and a frustrated team.

  • Ongoing Support - We are here to help

    Unlike large carriers, we don’t leave you high and dry after you install a new service. We take a customer-centric approach in which we always want to help you succeed with your IT ecosystem. Functioning as an extension of your team, CTG also provides on-site training as well as first-day support to all of our clients. On-site training – Personalized training for admins and end-users. Training can be anywhere from 1 to 3 days, depending on your installation. Our technical experts help users configure phone settings, set up voicemail, customize administration settings, and more. First-day of service support – Both on-site and off-site, CTG’s team is ‘all in’ and available to ensure that installation goes smoothly. If an issue arises, we work to fix it on day one and will escalate to the carrier quickly if needed. Not sure where to begin your journey? Have you tried to develop a roadmap but can’t seem to get things moving? We’d love to help. Just give CTG a call and let’s talk about how we can assist you in your IT transformation.

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