4 Factors Crushing Your Network Performance

August 20, 2016

Your data flows through your network like cars driving on a highway. When conditions are optimal, it’s smooth sailing. Data gets where it needs to go quickly and your productivity stays on track. But, bottlenecks, high volume traffic, and repair work can all bring your fast pace instantly to a crawl. All those slowdowns and bumps in the road can give the network version of road rage to even the most patient staff members. Here are 4 potential causes of  poor network performance.

1.    Poor Network Configuration.

Networks are becoming more complex as more inter-dependent devices are introduced into the business environment. These devices come with individual network needs, and multiple functionalities (including audio, video, and data), all which must be accounted for when planning the network. Failing to incorporate these requirements, or failing to plan on incorporating them in the future, can cause major blocks in the network.

2.    Employee Security Breaches.

This doesn’t mean employees are knowingly hacking your system. Security breaches come from opening infected emails or using many of the apps or software they use every day without considering the damage it could do to the company network. Cyber criminals are constantly evolving, and they know how readily people agree to grant access to their data without really understanding what they’re granting.

3.    Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Without Effective Policies.

Related to the employee security issues, BYOD environments are trending in a big way. Encouraging staff to work on the devices they prefer can lead to increased productivity, but also decreased security. Even their personal devices can lead to security holes. Can you be certain they are aware of all the permissions they’ve given apps? Or what data they’ve allowed access to? It’s highly unlikely. A robust BYOD policy is crucial to keep your network safe.

4.    Bandwidth Limitations.

If you’ve got lots of traffic merging into a single lane, everyone slows down. The same is true of your network. Maybe you have plenty of bandwidth for regular traffic times, but not enough when there’s a surge in traffic. But, you don’t want to pay for the extra bandwidth for the few times you need it. Increasing bandwidth isn’t the only solution here. You also need to optimize how it’s being used, and what priorities it grants when encountering multiple requests.

There’s not a simple solution when you encounter network performance issues. It’s usually a mixture of several factors. Bringing in a Network Monitoring partner can help keep your network and your data flowing smoothly, so your staff can focus on the real work they need to do be doing. There are lots of solution to your network issues, and the experts at Corporate Technologies Group can help you find the solution that fits your needs.

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