6 Cloud Security Threats You Need to Watch For

June 1, 2018

In 2017, we saw more cyber attacks than any year before it. Businesses of all sizes are at risk and should be on high alert. The value placed on data security and preventing malicious activity must be higher in tandem. Here we outline six of the biggest threats to cloud security in 2018.

  • Data breaches. Whether stored in the cloud or elsewhere, unprotected data is vulnerable to a breach. This type of security threat is nothing new, but should be accounted for when creating a cloud security strategy.
  • Insecure APIs. The security of cloud services can depend on the security of application programming interfaces (APIs). APIs should be designed to protect against attempts to bypass policy.
  • System vulnerabilities. Hackers can exploit bugs in programs to take control of a system, steal data, or even disrupt operations. Because of shared access and resources through multi-tenancy in the cloud, the attack surface is broader than it’s ever been before.
  • Advanced persistent threats. APTs infiltrate a business’s IT infrastructure, where they establish a foothold through which they can steal data. They function in a parasitic manner over time, and have the ability to adapt to security measures.
  • Data loss. Not all cloud security issues are related to hacking. Businesses utilizing cloud services should be diligent about backing up their data, which could be lost through anything from a natural disaster to an accidental deletion by a cloud services provider.
  • Denial of Service attacks. DoS attacks, which prevent end users from accessing necessary applications or data, are nothing new to the security landscape. As cloud services are targeted, system slowdowns can be caused that leave users without access to the services they need.

We Can Help Protect Your Data

It is your responsibility to ensure your organization has current, active, and effective safeguards in place to protect your data. Therefore you need to be willing to put these safeguards to the test consistently and abandon them when they prove ineffective.

Corporate Technologies Group understands the demands of today’s  security environment and the pitfalls that security weaknesses can create. We have the expertise to examine your current infrastructure, assess your future goals, and develop a communications technology strategy that will ensure you have the strongest security foundation possible. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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