Cloud Computing: Fact vs. Fiction

January 27, 2016
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The cloud isn’t just for techies anymore. It’s an important change in the way businesses operate and if you don’t understand it yet, you need to make an effort before you’re left behind. Cloud computing provides an agile platform from which ideas and innovations can be tested in little time and minimal costs, thus enhancing speed-to-market. Here IoT Expert Ahmed Banafa dispels 10 common myths surrounding the cloud.

Myth # 1: It is only for tech companies: Nothing is far from the truth as this myth, any company in the horizontal and vertical markets can use it including no matter what is the size.

Myth # 2: Security is the biggest risk: Security measures used by well-known cloud vendors are often better than their clients; the cloud vendors have the resources and the skills to keep it up to date.

Myth # 3: Everything works better in the Cloud: Except old applications that were designed to run on dedicated servers, often difficult to run on the cloud.

Myth # 4: It is always cheaper to run in the Cloud: It is not always cheaper to run on the cloud, but it can often be more cost efficient. Cloud works best for variable demands and workloads, where you have high demand at times but lower demand at others.

Myth # 5: Cloud is harmful to the environment: There’s no question that data centers consume huge amounts of energy. But when businesses move from on-site facilities to consolidated cloud data centers, it saves energy and cuts pollution.

Myth # 6: Cloud costs jobs: Instead of taking jobs it is in fact creating them, industry predictions suggesting that by the end of 2015 cloud computing will have created more than 13 million jobs worldwide. It required a host of cloud-savvy experts whose skills and knowledge will maintain and strengthen growth and development.

Myth # 7: Migrating into the Cloud is more hassle than it is worth: If you work in partnership with a trusted and experienced hosting provider it’s a seamlessly process. It can all happen very quickly with minimal downtime.

Myth # 8: Cloud Is Not for Mission-Critical Use: Cloud computing can be used for all aspect of business including Mission-Critical applications for many reasons including less downtime, and auto backup.

Myth # 9: Cloud is Virtualization: Virtualization is software that manipulates hardware, while cloud computing refers to a service that results from that manipulation.

Myth # 10: I’ll be caught by Vendor ‘lock in’: This is true only to the same extent of on-premise, traditional software. There would be nothing to stop businesses building their own applications and deal with more than one vendor.

Don’t buy in to the fear of the Cloud. It’s your data and managing it securely and efficiently is the lifeblood of your business. Let Corporate Technologies Group bust through the misinformation and show you how cloud computing can benefit your business.

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