POTS Lines: Technology’s Honus Wagner Baseball Card

April 16, 2016

It’s finally Spring time. Spring means eternal optimism for my Cleveland Indians. More importantly, it is my time to go buy the 2016 edition of TOPPS MLB Baseball cards. This is something that I have been doing since I was 10 years old,  trading cards with my boys outside the local pharmacy. But there was always 1 card in the deck that would be priced higher at the end of the year; Roberto Clemente’s 1972 cards, Tom Seaver’s 1969, or if you had more money than brains, the infamous Honus Wagner 1920 T206 card.

This card is now worth $2.1M… a flipping baseball card! The problem is that value only makes sense to a select few collectors, and for the rest of the world this card’s value isn’t over $0.50.  So why is the cost continuing to go up? Demand by those few collectors!

The same thing is happening with technology today. There is a demand for old technology at a premium, primarily because people don’t know what other options are available.  I have been selling technology and voice telecom services for over 28 years now. Yeah, I knew Alexander Graham Bell. But, like the Honus Wagner card, the POTS Line (Plain Old Telephone Service) costs have gone through the roof for the customers who haven’t paid attention.

Believe me, the technology hasn’t gotten any better that is for sure!  Companies, such as Frontier and AT&T, have gone on record to say that they do not want to sell POTS lines past 2017.  There are options to get around POTS, but in the meantime customers are seeing copper line technology costs increase from $25.00/line/month to $280/line/month – yes, I recently saw this on an AT&T invoice.

There are Options to POTS

There are options of “rate stabilization” for POTS and also migration off the 100 year old technology (same age as the Honus Wagner baseball card!).  The main idea is to have a plan on how to get your technology into the 21st century, while ensuring you aren’t helping the AT&T stockholders get rich instead.   The question is: What is your plan to get off of this 100 year old technology that is dragging down your monthly IT budget? There are a few options for getting off POTS service – getting a re-biller of POTS, implementing VoIP SIP service, or deploying hosted phone service.  All are viable options… but what is best for your environment?

For information on SIP trunking and a guide to proper implementation, download this [White Paper] SIP Trunking Guide: Get More For Your Money.

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