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Prevention Is Key to Protecting Your Network from Cyber Attacks

September 22, 2016

You read about new cyber attacks every day, but how concerned should you be? It hasn’t happened yet, so you’re probably not on the criminal radar right? Wrong. According to one report, “there are 34,529 known computer incidents per day in the U.S.” That is just known incidents. There are a huge amount that go unreported. Statistics like that should incite fear in any business owner because they are true and they mean everyone is at risk of data loss or theft. Your best defense is a good offense. These are the bare minimum that any business must have:

Virus Protection

Of course, almost everyone has some level of antivirus software. But just having it isn’t enough. It needs to be maintained and updated constantly. Hackers write new malware everyday to get around protective measures. If your software isn’t updated, then it’s outdated and unable to do its job.


Strong barriers to your network are critical. Firewalls can filter traffic in and out of your business network and create a roadblock to, or stop completely, malware trying to sneak in.

Stronger Passwords

It’s so common for this simple security measure to be executed poorly. Human nature encourages us to choose passwords that are easy to remember, because honestly there are hundreds of passwords we’re required to remember. The ones we use the most are the ones we’re most likely to make the easiest. I’ll go against the advice that passwords need to be changed regularly, as this practice again encourages people to choose something simple and easy. But password strength is critical. Basic strong password rules: 12+  characters, alphanumeric, contain special symbols, both upper and lower case, and doesn’t use words in the dictionary.

Physical Security

Data loss and theft don’t just happen online, they can happen in person too. You may have best-in-class firewalls and encryption and top-notch techs working 24/7 to protect your network, but if you don’t have physical, on-site security measures in place, then you have a major vulnerability. Lock your server rooms, have video surveillance, remove drives from unused machines.

Network Monitoring

To be truly protected, you need to pay attention to your network – every day. Your software and hardware needs to be kept up-to-date with all fixes that come out. If your employees leave, they need to have their access revoked ASAP. Don’t give company-wide access to all staff, only those that require it. Be aware of who is accessing your network on mobile devices too. This is easily a full-time job, and often several full-times jobs.

Your data is the most important thing you have. If you experience a loss or data disaster, it can cost you your entire business. Corporate Technologies offers a host of solutions to help you keep your data safe: data backup and recovery, cloud computing, disaster recovery planning, and network assessments and monitoring. Contact us today to learn more. Or download our Network Security Checklist below for additional information.