SD WAN: Technologies Wonderful Conundrum

August 20, 2019

Almost everyone has heard the term SD WAN, or software defined wide area networking, but most still are not totally sure what it is all about.  An “SD WAN Conundrum” as I like to call it, leads to many questions. Similar to when the word “cloud” became popular, businesses may wonder:

  • What is this vague magical word, what can it do for my company?
  • Are there pitfalls?
  • How does it affect my cost or administrative overhead?

Well first, SD WAN is an awesome technology, especially when you have the right resource to help you determine the right SD WAN to fit your needs.  If anyone is discussing SD WAN with you and tells you that their solution is easy or the best, I suggest that you ask for a second opinion and call Corporate Technologies Group.

I chose the word conundrum to describe SD WAN because it is a very powerful and useful tool for any company in any business silo.  But, it is not an easy decision that many would have you believe so that they can sell you their product of choice.  As with any other technology, there needs to be thought put into what SD WAN selection is the best for your company.  The first questions I ask any CTG client is, “What is most important to you when it comes to your WAN network?” and “What are you expecting from this product?”  Every SD WAN solution does their thing a little bit different from the other. There are advantages and disadvantages for each SD WAN solution out there. The question becomes: what advantages does your company need, while also considering the disadvantages that may also be a part of the solution?

How can we help?

I won’t spill all the beans in this article on the questions that every company must take into consideration when purchasing SD WAN. At CTG, we are glad to sit and have a conversation about this exciting, yet slightly more complex than advertised, technology solution any time.

CTG is rising to the top as a partner in Northeast Ohio that you can trust to give you the whole story about any area of IT, including SD WAN.  It doesn’t matter if you have a large IT bench or zero IT staff at all, we help develop a solution that works best for you, the client. Whether it is compute, datacenter, SD WAN, telecom, it doesn’t matter to us.  Throw your problems at us and let the resources at Corporate Technologies Group help you build the right solution for your situation.