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The 4 Tenets of a Winning UC Solution

February 23, 2018

Unified Communications (UC) is a technology term. It involves thorough planning, complex networking, and careful infrastructure. But, at the core of the hardware and software that are the building blocks of a UC network, are a set of values that, if commonly held, will push that technology from pieces and parts to a true solution that can add tremendous value to your bottom line. Organizations that internally share these tenets, or beliefs, will find far more value and success with their UC deployment. 

Tenet 1: When we give people the ability to work where and when they need, they are more productive.

Employees are on the move in many organizations. With UC, you can quickly and easily change their phone from the admin controls. Tablets and smartphones enable employees to work more flexibly than the traditional 9-to-5 office day. Many users are able to work from home and on the road, and even take advantage of real-time collaborative capabilities with remote coworkers around the globe. This level of flexibility fits many end users’ lifestyle better than a strict eight-hour workday. And improved flexibility can lead to greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Tenet 2: When we work together, we work better.

When team members work individually, they keep that data in a silo, separate from the group. It wastes time to hand a project from one person to another to work on, each piece in the chain waiting for the one before it. Edits and changes can cause the progress to regress completely. When a team openly shares information, in real-time, with open communications, your productivity and efficiency increases tremendously.

Tenet 3: Our customers should have the most seamless experience possible.

When a customer needs to interact with your company, they need to be routed to the best possible team member to handle their issue immediately – not left to wade through levels of call menus to find their answer. A UC solution should be more than a phone system, it should be a better communications system that helps you improve your customers’ experience with your business. You need features such as call queues and IVRs to handle every call with care.

Tenet 4: When we lack expertise, we benefit from allowing experts to help us.

UC allows you to move every purchase, update, and maintenance task associated with telecom to the provider and shift skilled IT staff to projects that progress the competitive strengths of the company. By removing maintenance headaches and costs, organizations can reap significant savings. You also get the latest updated software and protections automatically, eliminating concerns of your systems being up-to-date.


Corporate Technologies Group can help you find success with your UC solution.

While it’s up to you to foster organizational support and buy in of a UC solution, the technology piece should be handled by an expert. Corporate Technologies Group can help you find the solution that fits your business needs and goals. Whether it’s application integration, hosted phone, backup and recovery, or a total unified communications solution that integrates all of those, we’ve got the expertise to integrate it into your operations while minimizing downtime and wasteful spending.

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