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Cloudshift and Bandwidth: Is Your Network Ready?

March 14, 2017

Cloudshift is occurring across all categories of business from single applications to total cloud solutions. It’s not surprising. The cloud delivers scalability, mobility, redundancy, and security all at a lower cost over traditional network cores. But, shifting to the cloud isn’t as simple as flipping a switch and all your data and operations just work seamlessly.  You need to consider how your data gets to and from the cloud, and that means talking bandwidth.

Whether you’re planning to run a few applications through the cloud, or moving your entire workload there, you need to work with your cloud provider to ensure your system is ready for and capable of meeting the demands on your connectivity. The provider will need to know what your current data flow looks like, what apps you’re using, how your network performs in busy and slow times, and what your plans look like in regards to growth or downsizing. The beauty of the cloud is rooted in its instant scalability, but you must have the bandwidth available to support the peak times.

If your business is in a growth period, and you’re considering a BYOD environment, your provider needs to know about it. Your IT people need to have a clear understanding of just how many devices will be operating on the cloud and how much data will need to stream through it. The Internet of Things (IoT) is also a consideration if you plan to incorporate interconnected devices, like security systems and mobile-controlled thermostats. These separate units each require a piece of the bandwidth pie and you don’t want business-critical apps to suffer because your CEO is busy downloading all the pictures from his Hawaiian vacation.

Some providers will want to throw as much bandwidth as possible at the issue, but that’s not going to prevent all issues. A knowledgeable resource will be able to give you scalability in bandwidth to mimic the scalability in your cloud. In addition, certain applications are more fragile if your inbound bandwidth traffic is maxed versus your outbound traffic.  We have seen the app performance degredate based solely on the type of traffic being used as well as what applications are in use.

What is the solution?

An experienced network solution provider will begin the shift to the cloud with a Network Assessment. They will investigate all the issues discussed in this article, as well as the state of your network performance in regards to latency, packet loss, jitter, and a host of other factors. They will be able to help you get the bandwidth you need to use the cloud solution that is ideal for your business. Corporate Technologies Group conducts a thorough network assessment before determining the best course of action for its clients. We act as a partner helping you to find network performance perfection, enabling your business to grow without just tacking on more bandwidth.

Learn more about CTG’s Network Monitoring and Assessment and by downloading our white paper below.