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Unified Communications: Enticing Millennials to Your Team

October 4, 2017

Younger generations’ view of the corporate world has fundamentally shifted. The notion of taking a job at the bottom and grinding until you’re rewarded with a move up the ladder, and the perks that come with it, isn’t appealing to today’s workforce. Now, potential employees find a position that maximizes their skill set in a company that shares their values. Staff, millennials in particular, are less concerned with what was seen as “company loyalty”. Having a good paying job isn’t enough. They demand work-life balance, a collaborative environment, and a company that supports them. Unified Communications (UC) can show them why they should want to work for you.

The best and the brightest know that there are organizations that can offer them the flexibility they want, and they won’t accept less. If you want to lure this talent away from your competitors, or keep the talent you have, unified communications is a powerful way to do it. It also allows your old guard to work the way they prefer as well. If your  long-term staff are more comfortable with desktops and fax machines than mobile phones and emails, they can still collaborate. UC allows all of your tech to talk to each other interchangeably (as long as your hardware is hooked into your network).

UC gives companies a better way to marry communication systems to the new ways of working and running a business more flexibly. UC allows you to support workers with high-speed service wherever they want or need to work. It allows them the opportunity to maintain relationships through “face-to-face” contact without traveling anywhere.

By simplifying collaboration, businesses are seeing increases in productivity. The ability to share presentations via virtual conferencing and chat live to international coworkers means projects get done faster. And with hosted phone eliminating the need for long-distance calling fees as well as reducing travel expenses, there are plenty of indirect savings to be had. Running your communications through the cloud also consolidates your billing from vendors.

It may seem unappealing, at first glance, to walk away from legacy systems you’ve invested so much capital in. But the availability of cloud computing provides compelling support for the shift. The upfront capital expenditure is marginal compared to that of bulky, on-site hardware. Additionally, using cloud-based communication avenues, like hosted VoIP, empowers you to make important adjustments to your capacity and users as-needed in response to business demands.

If you say to me that you don’t think you can afford to move to a hosted solution, I would argue that you can’t afford not to. The younger employees won’t take just any job. They see themselves as individuals, not just worker bees. If you can’t court them, they’ll find a company that can. As far as technology costs go, even without a complete cloudshift, there are efficiencies to be gained by integrating certain applications. While “up-to-date” technology is a moving target, I can assure you that some version of cloud communications will be the foundation of modern and future communications.

Corporate Technologies Group can help you find the solution that fits your business needs and goals. Whether it’s application integration, hosted phone, backup and recovery, or a total unified communications solution that integrates all of those, we’ve got the expertise to integrate it into your operations while minimizing downtime and wasteful spending.

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Corporate Technologies Group, Inc. is an Ohio based company with a national and international reach, offering a portfolio of solutions that fit the small business client to organizations with hundreds of call center agents.  We can provide a true solution with the infrastructure to support a genuine Unified Communications experience. We can give your enterprise the power to connect with whom you want, when you want to, where you want to, and in the form you both prefer. UC is a powerful productivity driver and, as an experienced network solutions provider, we can give you the tools you need to accelerate your growth.