It’s All About The Bundle

Posted on: February 27, 2019

I recently took a morning trip to McDonald’s to cheat on my 2019 Resolution, and ordered the standard Egg McMuffin, hash brown and a coffee.  When I arrived at the drive through window, the attendant told me my total was $9.23 and I was appalled.  I asked for the receipt and everything was ordered ala cart instead of the “Breakfast Bundle” or a #1…  After the order was corrected, I was able to save several dollars in the process.

After this trip, I realized how this process resonates similarly to when businesses are purchasing technology at times.  We recently purchased a premise phone company and now we are in the process of helping our new client base bundle technologies to give them a better overall solution for their business. Bundling technologies can make support for the internal IT staff of a company easier and can decrease expenses at times.  This is more and more evident when reviewing small and medium sized business offerings for hosted phone services.

CTG has been able to help our clients “bundle” many services, such as:

I can tell you that not all of the 580 + hosted phone services are the same.  Extensive research has taught CTG that some  hosted phone providers might offer similar services, but the impact on choosing the right solution can significantly change the way your organization does business.  Not all solutions work the same, even though they might be on the same underlying platform.  At the end of the day, it is critically important to understand what is available when you purchase a phone system, as well as if you have the right solution for your business.  The devil is definitely in the details, and after having done hundreds of installations over multiple countries we have the scars to prove it.

If you want to know what your “bundle” options  are and would like help evaluating your Communications Technology – reach out to Corporate Technologies Group today!

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