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Key Benefits of Enterprise App Integration

December 13, 2016

There are seemingly endless software applications (aka apps) available for businesses today: Apps that deal with customer relationship management (CRM), business insights, marketing platforms, sales tracking, inventory management, call center metrics, and hundreds of other facets of everyday business operations. While these apps provide tremendous insight individually, they often aren’t talking to each other. The data they produce is stored in separate silos, which has to be combined manually. That’s a weakness that Business Application Integration can fix.

Application Integration is the joining of those individual silos via your centralized business components (software apps, phone systems, wide area network services). This allows data to flow between the different apps, and provides interfaces to access that total picture. By connecting your apps, you use the entirety of data available to get the clearest picture of your overall business. Combining data from different departments of your business, you may be able to see correlations you could not have before. This consolidation is not only music to the ears of organizational leadership, but the employee benefits make it a productivity powerhouse for your entire business.

For instance, in today’s world most organizations CRMs are disparate from their phone systems.  Some of the benefits of this integration is:

  • All activity doesn’t have to be manually logged if the main company software and the phone system are integrated
  • Allows accurate representation into the staff’s workload for management
  • After a phone call has taken place there is a record logged directly into the CRM
  • CRM software can be used with all calls from a mobile phone
  • All conversations can be coded according to the call type (Example: service call, technical call, sales prospecting call, all details then pushed to the CRM or calls are logged to an activity or case/ticket)

Corporate Technologies Group can review your current “silo configuration,” map out a plan for integration, and install your new centralized interface. We can help you use the apps you already value to gain even greater insights into optimal business productivity. Contact us today.

Download our Business Application Integration Data Sheet to learn more about app integration solutions from CTG.