Better Customer Journey Mapping in the Cloud/Contact Center

May 8, 2018

It is no secret that positive customer experiences convert into sales. On the flip side, a poor customer experience can lead to less sales potential and even churn. According to research commissioned by West*, almost one in three purchases are abandoned at the point of sale simply because the process wasn’t easy enough or the right information wasn’t available.

Top 3 Reasons People Considering Switching to a Competitor

  • 71% Difficulty finding out how to contact customer service
  • 66% Waiting in contact center queues with no call back option
  • 66% Dealing with a contact center agent who has no knowledge of the customer’s previous interactions

How to Use Customer Journey Mapping to Increase Sales

By adjusting your customer’s journey, you can meet their needs more effectively and position your contact center as a strategic, revenue-generating unit within the business. Yet all too often, companies find that their legacy on-premises contact center technology wasn’t built for the multi-channel world.  With the adding of road warriors, remote home workers, and text messaging there is a challenge to get all the necessary data in the end users CRM.

The IT department struggles to integrate disparate systems in order to give agents a 360-degree view of the customer and the capital expenditure budget just can be stretched to include a new multi-channel system. A more budget friendly OpEx cloud contact center solution, with always up to date features, and can solve these issues.  Also, no continual upgrade costs for next version software.

3 Features Your Cloud Contact Center MUST Have:

  1. A drag and drop menu that allows contact center managers to map out the best possible customer journey using real-time data
  2. The ability to re-configure your contact center within minutes to react to changing dynamics – for example offering customers a virtual place holder when monitored queues get busy
  3. A view of all customer interactions across all channels for your agents

CTG can move your contact center to the cloud.

If you believe your on-premise call center is becoming too costly to be effective, it’s time to consider a hosted VoIP solution. CTG has been in the voice and data technology business for nearly 20 years. We’ve deployed hundreds of hosted phone service installations through countless technology providers. Not all hosted VoIP Phone Systems are equal and their client experience and capabilities across the board are vastly different from pre-installation evaluation to training to reporting and features.   At Corporate Technologies Group, Inc. we know what problems can be solved by what phone companies and technology when it comes to Hosted Phone Services.

Download our white paper, Call Centers and the Cloud, to learn more.

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*Shared from an article by our partner company, West