CTG Offers Comprehensive Managed Services to Help Your Company Grow

June 9, 2021
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At Corporate Technologies Group, we are dedicated to our clients and that is why we are offering managed services. Whether you are looking to change your business for the better or you desire continued success, CTG is here to ensure that your systems are running smoothly, backed up in case of disaster, and protected from cybercrime.

We want to take the time to learn about your business and your goals to see what services would work best for you. While keeping in mind the expenses, frustrations, and day-to-day operations that are often time-consuming, CTG can keep your IT costs predictable, avoid downtime, and provide a supportive team of individuals that will take the frustration out of IT for you. 

Corporate Technologies Group offers a range of services and expertise in a wide range of industries. This allows us to tailor the IT solutions that work best for your company and help your staff implement these solutions. As we all rely on networks and IT now more than ever, the demand for resources and expenses to maintain an in-house team continue to rise and are deemed frustrating and overall expensive.

With managed services, your company can outsource the responsibility for maintaining, and anticipating a need for, a range of processes and functions to improve operations and cut expenses. At Corporate Technologies Group, we offer different managed services such as managed endpoint with Antivirus, managed servers, managed network, managed backup, and cyber security.

Managed Services We Offer:

Managed Endpoint with Antivirus

Managed Endpoint Security requires endpoint devices to comply with specific criteria before those endpoints can access network resources. Such endpoints can include desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, or any other device that is connected to your organization’s network. At CTG, our team of experts will utilize technology to successfully detect and respond to both internal and external threats before it affects your network. We will do so with antivirus to ensure the protection of your endpoints. Certain benefits that you can expect by implementing managed endpoint security are the prevention of malware and breaches. We prioritize eliminating the threats of stealing, encoding, deleting data, modifications, or unwanted monitoring of computer activity. 

Managed Servers

When you decide to implement a managed server, you are gaining technical expertise. CTG will install and manage software, troubleshoot issues, and provide a control panel for you to handle basic tasks. To ensure that the right software is installed, we will configure the server for you. When something isn’t working correctly with your server, it is up to CTG to fix the problem. A significant benefit that comes alongside choosing a managed server is the support. Many of the reasons why many companies choose a managed server are that it can:

  • Reduce the client’s time in server maintenance. 
  • Provide a stable platform with updates and upgrades 
  • It will provide backup services for disaster recovery
  • Reduce the internal IT and infrastructure costs. 

Managed Network

Managed network services offer the solutions required by an organization and are built, operated, and secured by CTG. These services help to maximize network performance, maintain reliability, and provide high levels of security, all while tailoring to the needs, priorities, and budgets of each company. With a managed network, your company can increase productivity and eliminate work interruptions.

While infrastructure management is not a core function of many businesses, CTG has the resources and tools to actively and proactively monitor and manage the network. Your company can achieve the highest level of network availability with the addition of a managed network. CTG can drastically reduce downtime by offering a guaranteed availability and response and resolution time for addressing network issues. 

Managed Backup

CTG can provide a solution that will create and store backups of your data. With some companies obligated to keep their backups for several years, a managed backup service can free up space on your network. CTG is well-versed in the technologies it takes to handle your backups and keep up with backup technologies and trends. While backing up all of your data can take up a lot of time, we also allow your business to focus on your operations without having to invest in the infrastructure and IT staff to get a backup solution up and running, all while remaining within your budget.

Managed Security

With managed security, your team can start to focus on strategic security projects while CTG handles the day to day monitoring and management of the security environment. With this solution, it can minimize your costs and maximize efficiency. A managed security solution can offer sophisticated security technologies to provide monitoring and detecting against serious threats. 

Corporate Technologies Group has the resources and flexibility that your company needs to be the most successful growing business you can be when it comes to managed services. Contact our team of experts to come up with a managed services plan that fits best for you.