May 18, 2016

Recently, Corporate Technologies Group, Inc. was involved in one of our bigger installations in the past 16 years. It was quite complex and really stretched the staff to get to the next level and be on their “A” game for the client. During the last two weeks of the installation, we were having multiple daily status calls with the client and the vendor to ensure that all was going to go smoothly.

In today’s technology world, it is not often that you see one provider / vendor that fits all the needs of the client. This causes more complexity to the implementation. Add in a client who is anxious to get the new design seamlessly in place and the pressure is on!

As the saying goes, “the devil is in the details”. The challenge comes from the coordination needed when you have multiple moving parts involved to finish a solution. The technology provider often has limited project management resources available. As for the end client, what might be best for their organization on the design / benefits / cost side can make it tough to implement since they likely lack the technical expertise to put the pieces in place. This is where true “project management” has to take place. Someone has to understand the list of items that all parties have to accomplish, and in what order, to make the design / solution work.

Regardless if you are replacing servers, firewalls, phone systems, or other network components, you need someone to own the project. Here are some suggestions on how to best make this happen:

  • Have diagrams developed of all components, in place, prior to and post installation. This will show, at a high level, what has to be done. Then you can develop a checklist of the order of operations.
  • Get an engineering point of contact from your technology vendors that will champion their end of the project, if available. Have them review your network diagrams for accuracy.
  • Find a technology partner that will provide the necessary expertise needed to put all the pieces and parts in order and project manage the installation. Often, this is the best solution – as you need to run your business. An outsourced partner can be brought in when needed rather than having to add staff, or retrain your staff to understand the new technology.

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