SD-WAN, Moving Your Network to the Cloud

February 2, 2017
Imagine your data in the cloud… Be honest, did you actually picture a cloud? I think a lot of people do. But the cloud is just someone else’s computer in some other location. It’s not as mystical when you put it that way, but that doesn’t make it less powerful. Frankly, by moving our data to be safeguarded by experts in security and storage, we are doing ourselves and our customers a great service. We eliminate the time wasted by you setting up and trying to manage your WAN infrastructure, enabling you to use the cloud effectively. Is it any surprise then that moving your network to the cloud is next? That’s what SD-WAN does.
Sanjay Uppal, CEO of Velocloud, expands on this notion:
Even compared to 3 years ago, there is a sea change in the eagerness of businesses to move their IT to the Cloud. The key benefit of focusing on the outcome of the deployment rather than the ownership of the infrastructure naturally leads to the consumption of SD-WAN as a service. This is even more of a truism when the applications being accessed are cloud services themselves. So as private data centers consolidated in the late 1990’s, cloud data centers and applications delivered over the public networks became more prevalent. And when the rest of IT is being delivered from the Cloud, so should the WAN!
Further, the ownership or Product model breaks down when cloud applications are being accessed, as the Cloud application provider is not going to deploy separate infrastructure on behalf of each enterprise. SD-WAN as a service dovetails nicely, both technically and from a business model perspective, with the cloud applications. The outcome or Service model requires an architecture built from the ground up for multi-tenancy in all three planes – management, control and data, and a business model that allows the service to be consumed on a subscription basis.
SD-WAN is an approach to networking that combines the major benefits of SDN, cost efficiency and flexibility, and reproduces them using a WAN. It allows users to take advantage of all possible pathways, including public internet, to get the most value and best performance out of their dollars. In doing so, you eliminate the need for expensive MPLS links, freeing up more of your budget for other, more impactful business activities.
To properly execute the switch to SD-WAN, you need a trusted partner to help you assess your current network infrastructure, budget, and goals and then use those to develop, configure, and maintain that new setup moving forward. Corporate Technologies can be that partner. Contact us today to learn how you can move your network to the cloud.
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