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3 Ways to Keep Your Remote Employees Dialed In

June 27, 2018

While sales people have been traveling on the road for years working from remote locations, the rest of the office has been expected to be at their desks during business hours. But why? If they’re at their desk they’re more productive, right? Not necessarily.Remote Working

Rather than just names you see online or voices you hear during your semiweekly check-in meeting, remote employees can be engaged and productive. In fact, they can be your most engaged and productive workers. A recent study found that 77 percent of remote workers get more done in fewer hours thanks to fewer distractions like meetings, conversations and noisy coworkers. The secret is giving them the right tools for the job.

Hard to believe? Maybe 10 years ago, but the times are changing. If we can now have our groceries delivered by drone via the portable computer in our pocket, we can remove the “remote feeling” from remote work.

According to another study, 95 percent of employers say telecommuting has a high impact on employee retention. Telecommuting is a wonderful way to ensure you have the best team members in place – regardless of location. With the proper tools in hand, your remote workers will feel connected, engaged and productive, no matter their location.

And the best part? Contrary to widespread belief, it won’t mortally wound your budget to hire remote workers. In fact, according to PGi’s annual Global Telework survey, employers average around $10K savings in commuting and equipment costs when their employees elect to work remotely full-time.

Even with technology, you can’t always ensure employees are working. However, technology helps them be more efficient and connected. If you don’t use collaboration tools to engage with your remote workers, you may end up with a far-flung team that rarely connects. To avoid this – and ensure your remote workers are performing – make use of the following three technologies.


  1. Hosted Voice

The days of employees having to use the same company-issued phone and computer are in the past. When the cloud rolled in, it also brought with it hosted voice, a business phone service that enables unified communication from any device and location.

The flexibility of hosted voice services gives users full control over their phone system. It’s easy to reset a voicemail password or turning on holiday hours, and you can even do it away from the office. Furthermore, when properly architected, the sound quality on hosted voice improves greatly and gives your IT the ability to monitor quality and adjust when necessary.

  1. Video Conferencing

Don’t just think of remote workers as sepia-toned versions of their Gmail profile pics. Instead, engage with remote workers as dynamically as you would with in-office employees. How? By using high-quality video conferencing.

Studies show that up to 93 percent of communication is nonverbal. In other words, conversation relies on body language to be fully effective. Enable teams to see each other and say hello to improved meeting efficiency and say goodbye to miscommunications!

  1. Webcasts

When done right, webcasts are a fantastic way to relay information and track user engagement. Webcasts keep telecommuters in the loop through live-streamed meetings, conferences and events. Recording a webcast makes it easy for disparate teams to connect at any time and watch events as if they were live.

These three tools can improve the engagement and connection of your remote workers. In turn, you will see productivity and collaboration skyrocket for your telecommuting talent. That’s a win-win well worth the investment.

Incentivizing Remote Workers Can Attract the Talent You Need

When you provide your workforce with flexibility and the tools they need to find their work/life balance, they will respond in productivity and dedication to your organization. Building your business to attract the best talent will give you the leg up on the competition and help you grow.

We, at CTG, are experts in business communication solutions. We are vendor-agnostic, which means we have extensive knowledge of all of your options and can find you the one that fits your business and employees best. From planning, to deployment, to follow up support, we will provide best-in-class service that results in you getting the solution you need to attract the talent you want.