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5 Ways Hosted VoIP Helps You Work Smarter

September 2, 2016

Traditional communication systems are being outmoded. The cost to install and maintain them is burdensome. The service they provide is limited and inflexible. In a world where the workforce is mobile, networks are wireless, and communication methods need to be interconnected, Hosted VoIP is the way to go.  VoIP combines video, voice, and data in one, easily managed service. Here are 5 ways Hosted VoIP not only works better, but helps you work smarter.

  1. It saves you money. That’s the smartest thing any business can do! The transition to VoIP uses the internet to take advantage of your existing infrastructure, but bypasses the phone charges and line limitations of a legacy system. Say goodbye to long-distance charges! Also, there’s no major investment in new costly PBX equipment because your hosting moves to the cloud. Plans are created on pay-as-needed, scalable service instead of over buying lines for those few times a year that your communication needs balloon.  Saving money on communications means you can put more money into growing the rest of your business.
  2. It improves customer service. Without customer satisfaction, you lose business. VoIP revolutionizes the call center and call routing of old. Via phone, email or chat, a customer can be easily routed to the customer service or sales rep they need, wherever they may be, with only a few buttons. Hosted Phone also enables useful features like agent queue, call metrics, and other valuable resources that supervisors can use to evaluate performance.
  3. It enables a mobile, unified workforce. Sales people can be anywhere and still make a call from a ‘work number’. Call routing makes sure any call gets to the right person, whether it’s on a traditional office phone or cell. Customer Service people don’t need to be housed in a single, large call center. As our world becomes increasingly mobile, it’s important our technology follows suit. The old-fashioned 9-5 is being transformed as companies learn that staff may be more productive, and more satisfied with their jobs if they can work more flexible hours. Supporting mobility can help you get better talent on your staff. Integrating network conferencing and collaboration tools, empowering multi-location workgroups, virtual teams, and allowing for meetings regardless of the physical location of the attendees, all work together to increase productivity.
  4. It helps all data flow seamlessly. With a Hosted Phone system, you can communicate in many forms. You can send a fax to a mobile phone. You can forward a voicemail to a co-worker easily. You can take a call to your office phone on your cell at your kids soccer game. In times of increased call volume, your bandwidth can be instantly expanded and then reduced when the need has passed. Instead of moving like cars on a highway, where increased volume leads to bottlenecks, your network expands like a river, continuing to flow smoothly regardless of change in volume.
  5. It establishes Business Continuity. Localized problems, even catastrophic ones like flooding or fire, can have little or no impact on a business’ ability to communicate, because all the features and functionality are hosted off-site. Even in a disaster situation, automated directory service and voicemail will continue to function, and employees can use alternate methods to access the network. In cases of significant natural disaster, even if the business location is rendered completely useless, relocation can be accomplished in a matter of days, or even hours if the IP phones are still operational. All that is required is an alternate location with Internet access.

If working smarter sounds like the right thing to do for your company, contact the Hosted VoIP experts at Corporate Technologies Group today. Read our Business VoIP Buyers Guide for more information.