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A look at business communication – where does mobility fit in?

August 14, 2019

Cloud computing and mobility of technologies have forever changed how we live, work, and communicate. Digital tools and mobile devices have advanced to the point where remote working is no longer an exception. In fact, surveys reveal that 70% of the U.S. population works remotely at least once a week. (Source: IWG). What’s powering this remote working revolution? Part of it is changing dynamics in the workplace. By 2020, Gen Z makes up 36% of the global workforce. This group is made up of digital natives who don’t know a time when they weren’t always connected to the internet. Workers are getting more comfortable – and more demanding – which means organizations need to respond with more seamless communication and collaboration tools that are built for a mobile-first world.

So, looking at business communication and asking, ‘where does mobility fit in?’ the answer is simple: everywhere. To attract the best talent and stay competitive, organizations need to get serious about getting mobile. Here are some additional reasons why making Unified Communication (UC) and mobile integration a top priority can pay huge dividends.

Keeping business communication secure

Making sure business communication is secure is challenging when your workforce is using a grab bag of different platforms and most apps are accessed outside the corporate firewall. Google Hangouts, Office 365, Trello, are all great. But, the proliferation of ‘unapproved’ communication and productivity tools in an organization can also expose sensitive data and create some big headaches for IT when it comes to management and security.

On the other hand, it’s much simpler to deliver stable and secure communications when all employees – on-site and remote – are using consistent and ‘approved’ UC technology. Mobile integration with UC brings everything together in one easy-to-use app – mobile calling, messaging, and meetings with anyone, from any internet-connected device. When employees have access to all the tools they need – video, voice, SMS, chat, presence, email, and file and screen sharing – geographically dispersed teams and mobile workers can all enjoy a consistent and productive communication experience, that’s also secure.

Staying productive and minimizing wasteful meetings

Smart business leaders are always looking for ways to remove roadblocks for workers – for those working remote or in the office. Part of the productivity equation is addressing the time spent in meetings. According to a survey by Atlassian, workers spend 31 hours per month in unproductive meetings. (Source: Atlassian). Meetings can often feel unproductive because it takes so much time to find and gather the information needed to prepare to meet. Mobile integration with unified communication platforms makes it simpler for employees to gather information and connect with co-workers. UC, collaboration, and mobile integration brings everything needed into one unified view, so sharing information becomes more natural and effortless and teams can stay focused on conversations, problem-solving, and completing tasks.

The ‘real time’ is now

UC and mobility tools can also shift the meeting mentality away from long and formal meetings to shortener, frequent, and on-the-fly meetings. ‘Click to call’ voice and video conferences and screen share within UC apps support problem solving, prevent wasted meeting ‘prep time,’ and allow teams to get co-worker feedback to pivot quickly if, and when, needed.

For the first time in history, organizations can now access cloud, API-driven UC solutions that combine all the digital communication tools necessary to power productive mobile and remote teams. If you want help delivering complete mobile integration for UC, talk to CTG! We’ll help you find the right solution to increase productivity, secure communications, and create a happier and more productive workforce. Act now to get a jumpstart on your UC and mobile strategy!