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Are you spending too much? What property managers need to know when it comes to UCaaS & telecom services.

April 7, 2020
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Apartment BuildingWhile earning healthy returns on properties is job one for rental property owners, managing these investments is a whole different ball game. To be successful, property managers have to wear many hats across the business. Traits like patience, excellent communication, customer service skills, legal and real estate expertise, these are all critical. The best property managers today also need an understanding of how telecom services impact productivity and the bottom line.

More than a full-time job

Think about it: each property or apartment building you’re managing has unique requirements for phone, internet, and other telecom solutions. There are also telephone connections needed for elevators, security alarms, and door systems. Put all of these requirements together, and account managers are juggling dozens of different carriers and contracts.

Don’t get overwhelmed – simplify and consolidate

This scenario is precisely why an Ohio-based property management company teamed up with CTG. The company manages 30,000-plus apartment units with properties across every state. Initially, executives consulted with CTG for a new phone system at their headquarters. However, the team quickly realized the organization was also spending way too much time and money sourcing, deploying, and managing services across all its locations. CTG recommended leveraging a unified communication platform across properties to minimize management headaches, consolidate billing, and reduce monthly costs. Why else are property managers like this one turning to CTG?

  • Simplified management – Technology expertise and a single-point-of-contact for all voice and data systems.
  • Advanced UCaaS options – Access to flexible UC options, including cloud-hosted phone solutions, SIP trunking, TDM POTS, PRI, and mobile integration capabilities to keep teams connected.
  • Making it easy to add and adjust services – A unified approach makes it simple to add new services, make adjustments, or complete repairs at each property location.
  • Optimizing spend – By consolidating and relying on UCaaS, teams can cut monthly spending and get access to productivity-enhancing features, including mobile UC options.
  • Unbiased guidance – CTG provides industry experience and expertise for negotiating contracts and rates.

Stay focused on properties and customers, not IT

Are you spending too much time and energy managing telecom assets or making changes to phone and internet services? Read our use case to learn how we can help, or email us to get started on a new path forward! We can unify voice and data services and help you leverage UCaaS across properties for simplified management and billing. Don’t wait!