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The 5 Coolest Features of Hosted Phone

September 20, 2017

I can talk to you all day about how Unified Communications will enhance your business function. How it will reduce the expense of aging hardware. How it will give you unmatched agility to scale your service as needed and integrate apps at will. How it can make your team more productive. How it can potentially eliminate downtime and data loss. Yadda yadda yadda. That’s all great stuff, but let’s skip it for now and talk about why hosted phone is just a fun technology. Here are, in my opinion, the five coolest features a hosted phone can provide.

  1. Never listen to a voicemail again. Not everyone is a great verbal communicator. Some people talk at lightning speed. Some people are downright long-winded. Oddly enough, these are the people that love to leave voicemails. With a hosted phone, voicemail to email transcription turns your voicemail messages to text and sends them to your email, so you can read them instead. This not only reduces the time wasted waiting for the caller to get to the point, but also saves you from having to listen to a message several times to catch important details.
  2. Never be chained to a desk again. Automatic call routing can immediately send calls to your desk on to your mobile with your caller none the wiser. This is awesome for multi-taskers and remote workers. You can be on a conference call while rooting on your kid’s soccer team or poolside on a sunny day. Just remember to mute your end to avoid awkward moments like the dog barking at the mailman, thus giving away your secret.
  3. No more list of cell, office, home number. Along with the freedom from your desk, you can eliminate the laundry list of contact numbers you give people to reach you. Single number reach means they can use one number and reach you on any phone. This helps keep you reachable and eliminates the headaches of a caller leaving you three messages on three voicemails trying to get a reach you.
  4. No more juggling your phone while you take notes. While talking to people on the phone can help move things along in a way emails can’t, you likely still need to keep notes about what you discuss. Balancing a phone receiver or a cell between your ear and your neck while typing often ends up in a loud clatter and an accompanying expletive and apology. With hosted phone, you can take the calls directly through your laptop so you are free to use your computer as normal while you talk.
  5. Talk internationally as much as you wantThere is NOTHING more fun than saving money!!! If you’re in a corporation you probably talk to other employees more than anyone else. VoIP to VoIP calls are free and that counts for long-distance and international too! That means there are no worries about limiting your convos to keep costs down. If you like talking to co-workers with fun accents, and I bet you do, then have at it!

Hosted Phone is not only a powerful, functional tool for collaboration and productivity, it allows you to work how you want and where you want, and that is a cool thing. Corporate Technologies Group has developed relationships with the industry’s leading cloud providers in order to leverage best-of-breed cloud technology for your business. We can help you move to a hosted solution and put the “fun” back in functionality.

Interested in learning if you are ready to make the switch to Hosted Phone? Download our VoIP Readiness Checklist.