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6 Reasons Smart Companies are Shifting to Cloud-Based Phones

June 27, 2017

As the momentum continues, it is expected this year that the shift of phone purchases will be over 50% hosted VoIP phone systems versus premise based phone systems. Hosted phones, or cloud-based, phone systems are the next level in office communications. Continuing to pour funds into your oversized and aging legacy system is like burning money. Here are SIX compelling reasons VoIP phones are the way to go:


  1. Decreased Capital Expenditure – Hosted VoIP services can be used by repurposing existing premise-based phones systems.  This allows organizations to leverage existing assets already purchased.
  2. Redundancy/Business Continuity – With hosted-based phones, your entire system can be managed remotely by an online portal. This means your calls can be re-routed to any number of your choice, allowing you the ability to remain in constant communication with your clients. All features and functionality are located off-site, allowing your business to keep running even in the event of a disaster.
  3. Mobility and Scalability – Empower your employees both inside and out of the office with mobile integration solutions. Mobile integration applications help your employees stay connected with their voice, instant message, video, and presence all connected inside their mobile app. This provides full access from desk phones and mobile devices and enables a seamless mobility experience. Add and remove users to your Hosted VoIP solution easily, providing you with a simple, scalable solution for your business communications.
  4. App Integration – Hosted VoIP services can offer integration with business applications such as SKYPE for Business, Google Apps, Sales Force, and project management / customer relationship management software.  This allows you to enhance your data and user experience by utilizing existing resources you have already purchased.
  5. Advanced Communication Features – Enjoy enterprise-class features like auto attendant, call forwarding, DID calling, voicemail to email, and much more. Software upgrades that include enhanced features for all locations are also included within Hosted VoIP services.
  6. Unify Multiple Locations– Hosted VoIP centralizes communications allowing simpler management and unification of your company’s communications. Calling an employee at another location would only require typing in an extension, not having to dial their full phone number.

If you have an aging system, it’s time to upgrade to a cloud-based phone system. They reduce your CapEx, upgrade automatically, and give you the power of mobility, scalability, and redundancy. Hosted phone gives you the gift of collaboration and productivity. That’s a lot of power for something as simple as a phone.

If working smarter sounds like the right thing to do for your company, contact the Hosted VoIP experts at Corporate Technologies Group today.

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