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How Hosted VoIP Features Should Differ for Enterprise

August 16, 2017

Hosted VoIP Phone Systems come with a lot of benefits – like reduced CapEx, unified communications, scalability, automatic updates, and redundancy. But, it’s not right for every business. For those it is right for, it’s never a one-size-fits-all solution. That is particularly true for enterprise-sized businesses. Most VoIP solutions aren’t designed for 100+ users. Here’s how an enterprise solution should differ.

1.  Customizable User Templates
In large organizations, roles are constantly in flux. New hires, promotions, lay offs all require changing permissions within your system. Managers may be able to review subordinates calls, forward calls to their mobile, or have visibility on who’s online. Administrative staff will likely have less features. Manually changing these individual permissions for each user could be a tremendous time waste in a large company. An enterprise-level solution should have templates in place to make these changes simple.

2. Professional Installation, Training, and Support
For a 100+ user system, your provider shouldn’t just ship you a box of pre-configured routers and headsets. If the hosted VoIP Phone System is truly designed for enterprise, it’s too complex for an out of the box answer. Your provider needs to be on-site to install your system and to troubleshoot later. They should offer in-person training for the entire company.

3. Custom Software Integration
An enterprise-grade hosted VoIP provider will build-out any type of software integration you require. They are aware your company needs applications like your Oracle ERP system to integrate with the phone system and they are ready to accommodate.

4. Dedicated Circuits
Enterprise VoIP providers understand call quality is often non-negotiable for large companies. They know if their system doesn’t have perfect call quality, they won’t have very many enterprise customers sticking around.
As a result, hosted VoIP providers will have an option to deliver a dedicated VoIP circuit to your location, so they can control QoS and guarantee land-line call quality 100 percent of the time.*

CTG has been in the voice and data technology business for 18 years. We’ve deployed hundreds of hosted phone service installations through countless technology providers. Not all hosted VoIP Phone Systems are equal and their client experience and capabilities across the board are vastly different from pre-installation evaluation, to training, to reporting and features.   At Corporate Technologies Group, Inc. we know what problems can be solved by what phone companies and technology when it comes to Hosted Phone Services.

To learn more about if your environment is ready for Hosted VoIP, check out our VoIP Readiness Checklist at Hosted VoIP experts  for more information.


*View the source article for this post here.